Mental Images


Deborah is a visual artist who also paints with words.
Her romantic verse is sensitive and entertaining.
Readers are transported, as on the back of Luna moths,
to new vistas of imagination.
May her images delight and carry you away.
I have been her friend for over 20 years.

Michael Rowbottom
Poet & Author- Dream Catcher 2013

* A Luna Moth is considered beautiful and rare

Mr. Elephants Candy
And Ice Cream Emporium

I walked into Mr. Elephants
Candy and ice cream emporium
And I just about never walked out

There inside was walls of shelves filled
With magical memories of decadent delightful
Delicious candy of every possible kind
A colorful version of every flavor imaginable

And there behind the counter was
Mr. Elephant scooping out over 113 flavors
Of every decadent delightful delicious ice cream
Ever created from the marvelous milk of cows

One two three scoops piled
High on the cone
Mr. Elephant with his skilled trunk
Never dropped or plopped any flavor

And the candy oh the candy
Billions of mouthwatering morsels waiting
For all of us to pick
And taste
And enjoy because
Mr. Elephants candy and ice cream emporium
Was a decadent delightful delicious
Experience for the young and old

* My childhood memories of candy was crackerjack, pink elephant popcorn, black babies, Popeye cigarettes, pixie sticks, bubblegum, licorice, pop rocks just to name a few.

* My childhood memories of ice cream I pretty much just like French Vanilla. However, on the odd occasion I would dare to try a new flavor.

All I Want For Christmas
Is For You To Appear

All I want for Christmas
Is for you to appear

Sadly you were taken
Not so long ago my dear

I know that you were lifted
To the Angels up above

But if I could just have this wish
It’s you I’m thinking of

Remember how you cut the tree
And we danced around the room
Carols playing merrily
You sang them out of tune

The precious gift you gave to me
Is standing by my side
Your son and I we look each night
Up to the stars shining bright

If I could reach and take a star
And place it on our tree
I know my best friend in life
Is looking down at me

All I want for Christmas
Is for you to appear
And release me from my broken heart because
I love you dear

* In memory of all our loved ones not with us at Christmas
This poem became lyrics for a Christmas Song Performed & Sung By Musician Boris Mischenko 2012.

Chanel No 5

I wear Chanel No 5
When I’m in love

I wear Chanel No 5
When I’m not in love

I wear Chanel No 5








* Growing up my Mother wore Chanel No 5,
Now I do

This Poem was featured in 2014 on “The Asylum For The Soul Show”
Whistle Radio 102.7 fm with host Ken Cowle

The Monarch

The Monarch butterfly
With her delicate balance
Dances amongst the flowers
In a soft ballet under the suns kiss

She twirls angelic in flight
Near to my cheek
As if she is the wind touching

I watch in complete awe
Of her beauty in her movements

I embrace this moment
Of my childhood
As if I too am the monarch
Also dancing amidst the garden
Of every colorful floral petal

The monarch butterfly
With her delicate balance
Floats smoothly in the air

In search of another
Red rose to call home




*Around the age of three I used to twirl around
dancing in my mother and grandmothers gardens
just like the Monarch Butterfly

© Deborah L. V. Campo 2023